Make the pleasure of being a couple last.

The immersive experiences of the Melba app guide your couple through 30 minutes of rediscovery and connection. Plunge together into a new sensual universe.


Created for pleasure.
Validated by science.

Let yourself be guided.
Enhance your couple's intimacy.

Choose from our unique experiences to explore sensuality or rediscover pleasure.

Immersive experiences for all desires.

Try out a new rhythm, explore fantasies, learn new techniques: the Melba voice guides you live, gesture by gesture, through immersive experiences lasting from 15 to 30 minutes.

Why Melba for your couple?

To let go and dare to explore new intimate choreography as a couple.

To connect fully with your partner and strengthen your bond.

To simply learn new ways of giving and receiving pleasure.

Step 1

Choose an experience in the app according to your current mood.

Step 2

Set the mood and press play on your phone or speaker.

Step 3

Just let us guide you step by step, and enjoy the moment.

Your guide to intimate exploration as a couple

Enjoy personalized content to play, experiment, learn and connect with your partner. 


Dozens of immersive experiences on every theme, customized to suit your couple, with unlimited access and new additions every month.


Personalized content with practical advice from therapists to help you explore intimacy with confidence.


For deeper exploration, we offer programs catered to specific interests - where you can learn new practices step-by-step, over multiple episodes. Slow sex, bondage, etc. Discover new things that you can try at your own speed.


Quizzes and games to help improve communication with your partner and reawaken sexual desire.

Already 150,000 happy couples

34 years old

"We were a bit shy to tell each other what we wanted in bed... With Melba it's much easier, we just need to follow the guide!"

38 years old

"It's a great experience - it allows us to really take the time for once and reconnect."

42 years old

"We shared a real moment of connection - the fact that we were guided changes our routine and gave our experience a lot of intensity."

Experience your intimacy as a playground.

At Melba, we're dedicated to ensuring that every moment of your relationship is filled with exciting and joyful intimacy.

Cultivating intimacy

We believe that our intimate life can be a wonderful source of joy and connection with others, provided we take care of it over time. Without injunction or pressure, but by paying real attention to what's important to us.

There is so much more to explore

Changing the rhythm, exploring beyond the usual scripts and performance injunctions, returning to our sensations - we believe that our intimate choreographies deserve to evolve for the fulfillment of each individual.

We can learn how to have sex

We believe that through education, we can dispel myths about pleasure. Knowing and understanding our own bodies, and also what our partner desires, leads to better sex.

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Melba application.
Make the pleasure of being a couple last.